• Gebriel and Ryne

Superstition Mountain Desert Wedding in Arizona

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Kimi and Kenny’s beautiful desert wedding at Tela Peralta in the Superstition Mountain was seriously one of a bride and groom’s dream weddings. The day was filled with EPICNESS and ofcourse, love. From the very moment we met up with Kimi’s bridesmaids and immediate family, we fell in love with them! They were all so sweet especially Kimi’s Mom. We kept calling her “Tita” because they are of Filipino descent and Gebriel is Filipino.

Cloth and Flame did a phenomenal job with the setup/decor/catering! We definitely fell in-love with this venue on wheels! We just loved how much of the wedding was Kimi and Kenny’s style. It was rustic, boho, and western all at the same time! They made the wedding truly theirs! The ceremony, the flowers, the rug, everything, we died. SO GOOD!

As for the golden hour photos, we literally were just dead A F. We mean jaw dropping! Gebriel was basically just screaming “YAAAS FELICIA” The entire hour while Ryne had a facial expression of judgment.

Cheers to the Buckles!


Gebriel and Ryne

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