• Gebriel and Ryne

Sedona Engagement Couple's Session in Arizona

Being from Phoenix, Arizona. Sedona is one of our most favorite places to shoot adventure sessions/engagement sessions/ also elopements for couples. It is absolutely stunning! I mean where can you find a ton of epic red rock formations anywhere else? Every time we go, it still takes our breath away even though we have been dozens of times! Shooting Emily and Iggy’s engagement session was an absolute dream! Their super stylish selves went with an all black attire! It contrasted with the red rocks so beautifully. We are freakin’ obsessed! They are one of those photographer dream couple! Why? Because we hardly had to cue them! They were all over each other and could not get enough of it. Couples like them inspire us to work harder every single day when it comes to our own relationship. This job rocks!!!

As soon as we got to Cathedral Rock, we started exploring right away to find epic locations! Scouting is key for rad photos! We had to wait a little for the sun to go down, so we definitely learned a lot about Emily and Iggy. They are from Miami so they are extra familiar with beaches --- which, we’re not at all! Lol. What is a beach? It’s because we live in Arizona. So forever just dreaming about the water. When we got started, I was just screaming “YAAAAS QUEEN” basically the entire time and Ryne as usual was giving me the “judgment face” .. I may also have been dancing in some parts of the shoot. I honestly can’t blame him! I’m sorry, I’m a hype queen. Haha! Sorry not sorry honestly.

We ended the session with lots of forehead and neck kisses. The cutest. Watched the always beautiful Arizona sunset. It was gorgeous. Every single time! It never gets old. Grateful for Arizona.

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